Residency Expense Report

This application uses data collected in Spring 2015, 2016, and 2017 regarding expenses incurred by VUSM 4th year students in the process leading up to the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Matches, respectively. The intent of this application is to allow current medical students to view expense data from previous years so that they may better anticipate the costs associated with ERAS applications, interviews, travel, etc. and plan their finances accordingly.

Calculation of Statistics

Statistics are calculated from data consisting of 172 observations, not all of which are complete. Some specialties may have few observations or may not be represented at all. For example, the specialties 'Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,' 'Vascular Surgery,' and 'Other' did not have any respondents. These options are displayed in the side panel; however selecting them will not generate any output.

Standard deviations cannot be calculated for specialties with fewer than 2 observations. For this reason, in addition to the high level of dispersion within these data, we do not provide confidence intervals on mean quantities. Instead, the 25th and 75th percentiles are reported, as they can be reliably produced and ultimately are more descriptive of these data.

Expenses classified as 'Lodging,', 'Food,' 'Travel (air),' 'Travel (car)', Travel (public),' 'Clothing,' and 'Other (Interviews)' refer to expenses incurred while on interviews.

65 Students participated in at least 1 away rotation. Students with no away rotations were not included in any calculations for this statistic. For the 65 students that were included, if they did not report any expenses incurred during their away rotations, it was assumed that they did not have any. For example, a student that participated in 2 away rotations who reported that he/she spent $700 on travel, $200 on lodging, and $100 on `other' expenses while on the rotations would have a cost per rotation of ($700 + $200 + $100)/2 = $500.

Lodging and Travel

Respondents were permitted to check multiple boxes. Each cell provides the percent of respondents that made use of a form of lodging or travel funding (e.g. 70.35% lodged with family members while on interviews); however the percents are not required to sum to 100.

Overall Summary of Expenses

Summary of Applications, Interviews, Rotations, and Rotation Expenses

Forms of Lodging Used on Interviews

Note: percents above do not sum to 1 because respondents were permitted to select multiple options.

Sources of Travel Funding for Interviews

Note: percents above do not sum to 1 because respondents were permitted to select multiple options.

Sources of Overall Expenditures

Expenditures by Type